Dr. Jeff Holcomb

Dr. Holcomb received his Ph.D. from Florida State University. He teaches a wide variety of classes at the undergraduate and graduate-level. He previously worked as a probation and parole officer and has supervised numerous student interns in a wide range of fields within criminal justice.

Research interests:

Community supervision of offenders, criminal justice policy and discretion, sentencing and punishment

Graduate Courses:

Administration of Justice; Research Methods

Independent Study Courses:

Contemporary Corrections; Community Corrections

Undergraduate Honors, Graduate Theses, and MPA Capstone supervision topics:

  • Crime Prevention in Art Museums
  • North Carolina Sex Trafficking Task Force
  • Watauga Drug Treatment Court
  • Officer Work Scheduling Options in Detention Centers
  • Quick Response Policies for Probation Violations
  • Energy Modeling in Detention Centers

Recent projects involving students:

  • STARR and Federal Probation Supervision: This is an ongoing research project for which undergraduate and graduate students collaborated with a federal probation district to develop a rating instrument and assess officer use of a training program to improve officer effectiveness.
    • Holcomb, J.E., Marcum, C.D., Clodfelter, T.A., & Richards, T.N., Alexander, M.A. (2015). The development and implementation of a faculty-student collaborative research project. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 26(2)163-184. DOI:10.1080/10511253.2014.960530
    • Clodfelter, T.A., Alexander, M.A.. Holcomb, J.E., Richards, T.N., Marcum, C.D. (2014). Improving probation officer effectiveness through agency-university collaboration. Criminal Justice Studies, 27(3), 308-322.
  • Criminal Justice Education Learning Objectives: Graduate student assisted with a survey of students, professionals, and faculty on the relative importance of different educational goals for criminal justice programs.
    • Baker, W., Holcomb, J.E., & Baker, D. (forthcoming). An assessment of the relative importance of criminal justice learning outcomes. Journal of Criminal Justice Education.
  • Green Jail study: Assessing energy efficiency issues in jails/detention centers. Working with faculty and graduate students from Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment to conduct energy audits and measure energy usage at an area jail. Students have assisted in collecting data within the jail, organized and managed project data, and presented preliminary findings at professional conferences.
    • Lowrie, A., Tiller, J., Yu, O-Y, and Holcomb, J.E. (2015). Energy modeling for jails and detention facilities. Presented at the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers annual conference (Atlanta, GA).
Title: Professor
Department: Department of Government and Justice Studies

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