Dr. Matthew Robinson

Dr. Robinson received his Ph.D. from Florida State University. He is the author of eighteen books as well as about 100 articles, chapters, or other writings on these topics. Robinson is Past President of the Southern Criminal Justice Association (SCJA) and the North Carolina Criminal Justice Association (NCCJA). Robinson was also appointed an Academic Fellow for Counterterrorism Studies by Foundation for the Defense of Democracies where he traveled to Israel in June 2013 to study how Israel “fights” terrorism. In 2016, Drs. Robinson and Scherlen (Political Science) took a class of students to Cuba to examine the Cuban response to illegal drugs.

Research Interests:

Criminological theory, capital punishment, national drug control policy, media studies, and social justice.

Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate Courses:

American Justice System and Social Justice; Crime Theory and Policy; War on Drugs

Current Research Projects:

  • Capital punishment in the South
  • Media, crime, and criminal justice
  • Food crime

Recent Publications:

Caravelis-Hughes, C., & Robinson, Matthew B. (2016). Social justice, criminal justice. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson.

Robinson, Matthew B. (2015). Race, ethnicity, crime, and justice. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

Robinson, Matthew B. (2015). Criminal injustice: How politics and ideology distort American ideals. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press.

Title: Professor
Department: Department of Government and Justice Studies

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-6560

Office address
350F Anne Belk Hall