Public Management Track

This track is appropriate for persons who wish to do any of the following jobs:

  • Serve as a Department, Division, or Section Head in a state or local government agency
  • Serve as an evaluator of other programs, as in a budget office
  • Serve in a policy position, as an advisor to the head of a program
  • Serve as Executive Director for a non-profit organization
  • Serve as an Emergency Management Professional

Students may want to consider the Public Management track because it allows for a custom-made program of study when other concentrations do not seem to fit certain interests or when students want a public sector job involving management and want to combine graduate courses from another program. For example, the public management track is ideal for persons who direct economic development programs or senior citizens' programs since ASU does not specifically offer programs to prepare persons for these careers.

Students on the Public Management track must complete the eight required core courses and five elective courses that will be chosen by with the approval of the MPA director. All Public Management track students complete six hours of internship credit that involves full-time service in an approved agency. Please note that all off-campus students are considered Public Management track students.

Courses Required

  • MPA Core Courses listed on Academics page
  • 15 hours of elective graduate courses approved by MPA Director, including 3 hours of graduate elective courses from outside the MPA program
  • 6 hours of internship PA 5900-Internship in Public Administration

"The MPA program allows students to take additional classes outside of the government and justice department, which allows them to specialize and create a unique focus that is valuable to their job search and future employers. My MPA has given me a versatile understanding of management in the public sector and has directly led to my current job and several promotions." - MPA Alum